Swami Sivasubramanian named to National AI Advisory Committee


The U.S. Department of Commerce recently announced the appointment of 27 experts to the National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee (NAIAC). Swami Sivasubramanian, vice president of database, analytics, and machine learning at Amazon Web Services (AWS), was among the appointees.

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The NAIAC consists of experts who “are highly qualified to provide advice and information on science and technology research, development, ethics, standards, education, governance, technology transfer, commercial application, security, economic competitiveness, and other topics related to AI.”

NAIAC will advise the president and the National AI Initiative Office on a range of issues related to artificial intelligence. The committee was established by the National AI Initiative Act of 2020, wherein Congress directed the NAIAC to provide recommendations on, among other things:

  • The current state of U.S. AI competitiveness;
  • The state of science around AI;
  • Issues related to the AI workforce;
  • Opportunities for international cooperation;
  • How AI can enhance opportunities for diverse geographic regions.

“I am excited to collaborate with my industry colleagues, 26 of the best and brightest minds in their respective fields, to ensure the United States leads the world in the responsible development and adoption of AI, provides inclusive employment and education opportunities for the American public, and protects civil rights and liberties in our digital age,” Sivasubramanian said.

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NAIAC sits under the umbrella of the National AI Initiative, whose mission “is to ensure continued U.S. leadership in AI research and development, lead the world in the development and use of trustworthy AI in the public and private sectors, and prepare the present and future U.S. workforce for the integration of AI systems across all sectors of the economy and society.”

“I truly believe AI represents the most transformational technology of our generation that will enhance our economy and our way of life,” Sivasubramanian said. “But we are just scratching the surface of what is possible, and there is so much innovation yet to be done. It’s still Day One!”

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