Council Post: Creators, Get Ready To Break Out In 2023


By Kat Shee, VP of Marketing at GROW and 1/2 of Shee Sisters, lifestyle and golf creators.

Creators, are you starting to feel like your growth is stagnating and you aren’t sure how to cut through the competition? As a macroinfluencer successfully navigating the golf world both on and off Instagram, I’ve been there. The important thing to remember as a creator, though, is the importance of social marketing. As of 2019, Gen-Z was spending almost three hours on social media every day, according to Global Web Index data (via the World Economic Forum). Therefore, there’s plenty of room for your brand to make its way into their algorithm. As a content creator, you just need to make sure you’re reaching the correct audience in the correct place (which isn’t as easy as you’d think it would be).

If 2023 is the year you’re ready to break out (and I don’t mean pimples), keep reading. I’ve got the tools you can use to continue growing on all social platforms as a creator in 2023.

Spend your energy on video content.

I’ve found video content to be effective for some time and don’t expect that to change anytime soon. If you’ve been spending your time working hard to get the perfect shot for your feed, it may be time to think differently. According to Instagram data (via SproutSocial), 91% of active Instagram users reported watching videos on Instagram on a weekly basis. A Google Trends analysis showed that in January 2022, there was more search interest in Instagram Reels than Stories and Shop. Video content seems to be resonating with users in a way that static imagery may not anymore. So whether your thing is dancing, comedy or what have you, take the leap into video and see whether it affects your reach.

When I’m doing creator marketing, I love looking at trending sounds and videos and applying them to my niche. Consider three components for every post: Is it relatable, is it entertaining, and is it trendy? If you can say “yes” to all three, your engagement rates are likely to be higher.

Actually dive into your analytics.

It’s one thing to watch your following rise and fall, but it’s another to actually take a deep dive into your content’s analytics. Who is your audience made up of? Check the gender, age, location and interests of your following and then lean in. Furthermore, how’s your engagement rate? Go past comments and likes and check the amount of time people have spent watching your content, the number of views compared to the reach your post had, and the actual interactions it got.

Once you’ve got your baseline, your understanding of the algorithm comes into play as well. Make sure you understand the effect your video retention has on each app algorithm’s prioritization of your content to optimize how often the apps show your content to users.

As the saying goes, the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Don’t be that guy. This year, bring analytics to the table and shape your content based on what the numbers tell you.

Focus on your relationships.

Networking will get you far in this industry, so don’t underestimate the power of relationships. From aligning with other influencers to working on your relationships with brands, getting your face in front of other audiences is a key part of building up your own. Some ways you can do this include pitching a sponsored brand collaboration, giving shoutouts to products you’re loving at the moment and following brands and influencers that you like on social media. Hop in those comments to show your support, create reaction videos and attend influencer events. Just do it authentically. An audience (and fellow influencers) can typically smell a cash grab from miles away.

Consider subscriptions.

As Danielle Wiley wrote in a Forbes Agency Council post, social platforms are now experimenting with paid subscriptions. She goes on to say that this strategy offers creators a way to connect directly with their audience while also offering them some exclusive content. If you’re already an established influencer and are looking to grow, promising more through a subscription might be a great way to hook some of your hardcore followers. This could include access to products or events before your public following, sales codes from brand partnerships, giveaways—you name it. The goal is to create a stronger relationship between you and your audience (and to bring even more in).

The truth of the matter is that social media is a fickle beast. The way to break out and grow a loyal audience starts with standing out. What do you have that other people don’t? For me, my love of golf and established success was a great way to break into a community I already knew and loved. But then building my relationships, leveraging my analytics and so forth propelled me to the influencer status I strived to achieve.

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