Two Entrepreneurs Take The Lead In Wikipedia-ing In-Person Interaction


Imagine a world where you can simply point your camera phone at a stranger in order to identify and find out a little bit about them. That world is closer than you think with the Whos This app.

In today’s connected world, networking is crucial for success in any industry. Whether you are seeking a new job, a romantic partner, or simply looking to make connections, it all starts with meeting new people. However, it can be intimidating to approach strangers and strike up a conversation, especially if you don’t know anything about them.

Co-founded by Nico Schubert and Marc Engels, Whos This app is a people-first platform that aims to remove the discomfort around meeting new people. Schubert and Engels say their app is the easiest and most comfortable way for people to start conversations and break out of their shells. They believe that the new generation of tech focused on “real-time on-spot interaction” is the future of communication and networking. With the app, you can simply tap on someone’s profile and get to know more about them, whether you are on a college campus, at a party, or just walking down the street. You can even connect with them on social media and see if you have any shared interests or connections.

Schbert and Engels are no neophytes to the entrepreneurial world. Nico Schubert is a serial entrepreneur with experience in sales and marketing, as well as the management of a global personnel services provider. He developed a company that currently operates in Germany, London, and the USA, and is on its way to employing over 500 people internationally.

Marc Engels is an expert in consulting on recruiting processes and cost optimization, with a focus on strategic preparation, process improvement, sales strategy consulting, cost reduction, and hiring transformations. He has worked with entrepreneurs across various industries, including manufacturing, utilities, insurance, financial services, retail, wholesale, pharmaceuticals, and media and entertainment.

One of the major benefits of the Whos This app is its discreetness. The founders say they have addressed privacy issues by incorporating features such as ghost mode. “Coming from a corporate world we understand all related privacy challenges,” says Engels.

For example, if you are an artist and you meet someone at an event, you can use the app to find out more about them and potentially start a conversation about your shared interests. The app also offers a level of safety, as users can check out someone’s profile before starting a conversation with them.

One potential application for the app is in enterprise settings, such as large restaurant chains, hotels, massive casinos, factories, or plants, where there may be hundreds or thousands of employees working together. In these cases, the app could be used as a tool for employees to easily identify and connect with their colleagues, as well as to facilitate communication and collaboration within teams. It’s not clear from the information provided whether the app’s creators currently offer an enterprise solution or if they have plans to do so in the future. However, it seems that the app’s ability to facilitate connections and communication within large groups could make it a useful tool in enterprise settings.

As Whos This allows users to connect with influencers and businesses on various social media platforms, the app can help these individuals and organizations reach new audiences and generate interest in their products or services. For example, if you’re an artist or musician and you have a TikTok profile, you can use the app to showcase your talent and potentially attract new followers.

Whos This elevates your networking game. Those who are currently using the app have already experienced the power of being able to instantly connect with others. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices and is intended for use by a wide range of individuals and groups, including influencers, businesses, restaurant hosts, and ordinary people like you and me.

For myself, I still prefer to walk the earth with a certain level of anonymity that I control. Still, I can see the value of finding out about others with the ease that one does in a Broadway Playbill.

Overall, the WhosThis app is a powerful tool for anyone looking to expand their social and professional networks and make meaningful connections with others. It’s no wonder that the app is already being used by thousands and is on track to become a major player in the world of real-time, on-the-spot interaction.

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