Top 10 AI Articles From 2022 To Pump Up Your AI Leadership Skills In 2023


Well it is New Year’s eve, December, 31st, and only twelve hours before midnight and I am writing this final article. I decided that I would review all my Forbes articles and rank them based on the number of views, so if you only have ten articles on AI to read in the NY, I hope that these musings will inspire you to advance your knowledge of AI and leadership – as we all have much work to do to build a more sustainable, private and ethical AI world.

#1 – Human Population And A Technology Innovation That Will Blow Your Mind – This article discusses the decline of the human population world-wide and introducing a mind blowing artificial womb lab from EctoLife, an innovation designed to tackle the problem. Even Elon Musk states this is likely a good thing. Read the article and decide for yourself?

#2 – Driverless Cars And AI EthicsThis article discusses the importance of AI Ethics in advancing the driverless car industry. Manufacturing companies will need to think hard about rule logic and recognize different countries have different ethical lenses on who should live or not in a situation where the driverless car must make a decision.

#3 – Why Physics Has Relevancy To AI And Building AI LeadershipThis article is a comprehensive review of complexity science and spatial dynamics in understanding AI patterns and identifies the importance of leadership building increased AI Literacy to lead effectively to modernize their organizations. Terms relevant to AI are defined with examples to advance leadership knowledge. This article is part of a major series on The AI Brain Trust which explores all the major knowledge domains in AI that a C Level or Board Director should learn about to improve their personal digital literacy on AI. The complete list of AI Brain Trust skills can be found here.

#4- Will 2023 Be The Year That Open AI’s ChatGPT3 Breaks Free? – This article discusses the innovation of ChatGPT3, a conversational chat bot platform that will advance generative AI and the future of conversations between man and machine. Examples of applications both in business and in consumer usage are profiled.

#5 – Employee Happiness, A Leading Indicator of Profitability And Productivity – This article dives deep into the global research from both the Misery Index, and the Happiness Report, showing the increasing decline of employee happiness and identifies MoodInsights, a solution being used by Purolator focused on increasing health, safety with a strong focus on mindfulness – happiness as a foundation for employee retention and increased productivity. Other companies like Google, Lulu Lemon are also profiled.

#6 – AI In Health Care Makes Our World Healthier – This article outlines innovative health care applications using AI, from robotic surgeons to disease predictions etc., to make a healthier and more sustainable world. Market dynamics on health care growth rates are also discussed.

#7 Advancing AI In Telecom: Where Are You In Your Modernization Strategy? – This article discusses the development of AI in the telecommunications industry, providing examples of AI Innovation and also identifies questions for board directors and C – levels to reflect upon in their AI telecom strategy developments?

#8 Advancing AI Telematics In The Transportation And Logistics Industry – This article discusses how telematics are using AI to modernize the transportation and logistics supply chains. Companies like Descartes, and GeoTab are highlighted, as well as others. Board Director and CIO questions are outlined to talk stalk of where leaders are in advancing AI Telematics in their operating models.

#9 The Future Of Sales And The Pervasiveness Of Technology – This article looks at the role of Artificial Intelligence is having in re-shaping pre-sales to post sales activities. Leading companies ahead of the change curve are highlighted, including Purolator who is using AI in sales, customer services and in profitability analytics. Research from Dr. Karen Peesker is also highlighted from her leadership in advancing digital literacy in sales professionals from her recent conference bringing academics across North America to explore the changing realities of sales education operating in a far more digital and customer intelligence world.

#10 Why Corporate Purpose And AI Ethics Must Be A leadership And Risk Management Priority – This article defines corporate purpose and explores its meaning from an AI Ethics perspective. This is a five part blog series on corporate purpose and AI Ethics to support companies strategies in AI alignment with corporate purpose.

Wishing you all a joyous Happy New Year as 2023 will soon be here. Please ensure you practice #ResponsibleAI and #AIforGood – as this must be a consistent leadership mantra to ensure that as leaders – we get AI innovations aligned with ethical AI practices. We will see many positive 2023 AI Legislative developments which is most encouraging. See you all in 2023.

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