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The 5 Questions To Ensure You’re Maximizing Your Professional Time

The 5 Questions To Ensure You’re Maximizing Your Professional Time


Now that we’re well into the new year, you’ve probably been spending lots of time focused on your 2023 goals in the hopes of making career progress.

But how can you be sure you’re spending that time wisely?

Here are five questions to ensure you’re maximizing your professional time:

1. What are my goals?

Before you can make progress, you must have a clear idea of what you want. Clarity demands specificity, so rather than saying, “find a new sales gig,” add details to define better your desired opportunity: “find a director-level sales role in an early-stage fintech start-up.” When you have clarity on your goals, it’s easier to discover the path to realizing them.

2. What do I need to achieve them?

Identifying your goals is only the first step; you must create a roadmap to reach them.

Begin that process by writing down every element required to meet your goals, whether gaining specific experience or training, connecting with people who can assist you, getting technical help, or tackling administrative tasks.

If you’re looking for a new job, your list may include adding new skills and experience, polishing up your resume and updating your LinkedIn profile, and networking with industry peers. On the other hand, if you want to strike out on your own, creating a prospect list of your ideal customers, developing sales and marketing materials for your unique product or service, and setting up a CRM to track your efforts might be part of your list.

Regardless of your goal, create a list of the professional needle-movers that can help you make the most progress in your career.

3. Which things do I not enjoy doing, take too much time to complete, or don’t utilize my natural talents?

Now that you’ve created a list review each item and flag those you most dread. If it’s something you don’t love doing, will cost you more time the money to compete, or doesn’t put your talents to their highest and best use, hire a professional to do it for you.

For instance, a highly creative, visionary businessperson may prefer to avoid the detailed work of accounting, invoicing, and scheduling meetings. Likewise, a financial expert who loves all things numbers might struggle with writing web copy or social media posts.

If it’s important enough to be on your list, it’s worth the investment in outsourcing, automating, or delegating it to make it happen.

4. Which of those things do I love to do, come easily to me, and put my talents to their highest and best use?

Next, take a look at the remaining items. Anything left should align with your natural talents, come quickly to you (and therefore not an excessive amount of time), and be things you enjoy doing.

It’s important to note that these items might still be scary to do. For instance, you might be a gifted communicator but shudder at the thought of putting yourself out there to ask for help. Fear is natural, but don’t let that hold you back. Remember, growth happens when you leave your comfort zone.

5. Where, how, and on what am I spending my time?

This question is critical because it increases awareness of your habits and time management. Do an assessment to determine where, how, and what you’re spending your time on.

If you find it’s all on things from Question 3 versus Question 4 (or worse, things that weren’t on either list), now is the time to adjust that. Eliminate any time wasters, enlist the help of others to complete items from Question 3, and refocus your efforts on elements identified in Question 4.

Achieving a career goal—whether starting a business, expanding your professional services, getting promoted, or changing jobs—isn’t easy. But by asking yourself these five questions, you’ll ensure you remain focused on those things that will help you move the professional needle.


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