How To Effectively Announce Your Layoff On LinkedIn


Amidst the continual stream of corporate layoffs, the impacted workers are turning to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms to announce they have been downsized.

The number of “#opentowork” posts on LinkedIn increased more than 20% during November compared to the same period last year. The social media platform also said it saw growth in the number of people adding connections, which is a sign that people are attempting to build their network.

If you navigate the layoff announcement appropriately, it can help garner the attention of your network, hiring managers in your space, recruiters, talent acquisitions and people who just want to pay it forward.

The #OpenToWork Banner

LinkedIn offers a feature that you can place on your profile. It’s an #opentowork banner with a green circle around your photo. This signals to everyone that you are actively searching and are motivated to find a new job. In addition to the banner, you should explain the type of role you’re seeking and why your background is a great fit.

If you just have an #opentowork green banner on your LinkedIn profile, it’s not enough. You want to clearly describe your background, prior experiences, what you want to do next, the type of company and industry and the ballpark corporate title and compensation. This way, people will know more about you and could better offer assistance. If you’re looking to make a career pivot or explore something new, highlight the transferable skills, so it makes sense to prospective employers.

Nobody is pleased when they’ve been given the pink slip. There will undoubtedly be hurt feelings, anger, resentment and the feeling that you are a victim. Although it’s difficult, always avoid talking negatively about your former employer and co-workers. It will backfire, as those inclined to help you will feel that you might not have the right temperament to recommend you for any job openings. In your layoff announcement, focus on highlighting your positive experiences with the company and some of your success stories.

Examples Of What You Can Post On LinkedIn

  • Hello to all of my friends on LinkedIn! Sadly, the position I loved was eliminated after more than ___ years. I feel so grateful for the professional growth and experience, as well as the amazing relationships I’ve built over the years. I appreciate my boss ____, co-workers ____ and the entire ___ team! I will miss you dearly. However, I am excited to explore new opportunities in the ___ industry. I have a lot to offer with over ___ years of experience in this space at the ___ level. Thank you in advance for any connections, advice or opportunities you can offer. #opentowork
  • You will notice that I have added the #opentowork banner to my LinkedIn profile picture, as I was just informed that I’m part of a large layoff due to a corporate reorganization. I’m seeking a role in the ____ space and would appreciate any and all assistance. Remote, hybrid or in-office would be fine. I live in ___city, so an opportunity in this location would be preferable. Thank you!
  • Hi everyone, I am looking for a new opportunity and would really appreciate your support. Thank you in advance for any connections, advice or opportunities you can offer.
  • This morning, ___ announced layoffs across the company and, unfortunately, I was one of the impacted workers. I recognize that I’m not alone in this situation, and know that the economy and environment in tech have been tough, but I never believed It would happen to me. Despite the situation, I appreciate all the experiences and wonderful people I’ve met and known at ___. I’ve been amazed and humbled by everyone’s support. I’d appreciate any leads, ideas, informal interviews, and referrals for opportunities in ___. #layoffs #tech #opentowork

How People Are Helping

It’s heartening to see folks rally around those who’ve lost their jobs. People at companies that have endured sizable layoffs, like Salesforce, Meta and Amazon, have formed groups to help each other find new opportunities. Members of LinkedIn made spreadsheets with the names, titles, locations and types of jobs sought after by affected employees to make it easier for recruiters, hiring managers, internal corporate talent acquisition and human resources professionals to get in touch with them. Google Docs have been prepared to offer and highlight the companies still hiring and provide the available roles.

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