ForbesWomen Weekly: Can Egg-Freezing Benefits Negatively Impact Recruitment? Plus: The 50 Over 50: Asia 2023


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Wouldn’t it be nice to apply a full face of makeup with just the click of a button? (This is a question I ask myself regularly now that in-person events have just about fully returned.) The idea sounds like something out of a science-fiction novel, but one Taiwanese entrepreneur is making it a reality—for the virtual world, at least.

Alice Chang, 60, is the creator of virtual try-on technology that lets shoppers test lipstick, foundation and eyeshadow options online and in stores before purchasing. Her company, Perfect Corp, is being used by beauty giants like Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Chanel and Revlon. Next up: Pitching the product to hair stylists, clothing brands and even plastic surgeons and dentists.

Chang is one of the 50 women on our brand new 50 Over 50: Asia list, which came out on Wednesday and is part of the global expansion of our 50 Over 50 initiative highlighting women who are stepping into their power at 50, 60, 70 and beyond. The 50 Over 50: Asia 2023 includes women across 15 countries and territories working in more than two-dozen sectors—including chili-sauce-making, calligraphy, finance, pharma and judicial reform. I had the pleasure of editing this list alongside one of my Forbes colleagues in Asia, special projects editor Rana Wehbe Watson, and I hope you enjoy reading the list as much as we enjoyed working on it!



Featured Forbes Investigation: JP Morgan Says Startup Founder Used Millions Of Fake Customers To Dupe It Into An Acquisition

JPMorgan Chase is suing the 30-year-old founder of Frank, a buzzy fintech startup it acquired for $175 million, for allegedly lying about its scale and success by creating an enormous list of fake users to entice the financial giant to buy it. Frank, founded by former CEO Charlie Javice in 2016, offers software aimed at improving the student loan application process for young Americans seeking financial aid. Read more, here.

ICYMI: News Of The Week

In Tuesday night’s Golden Globe Awards, Angela Bassett became the first actor to win an individual Globe award for a movie based on a Marvel comic, for her role in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. If you missed the ceremony or its fabulous red carpet fashion, you can catch up on all of the best moments here.

Driven by a need to recruit and retain the best talent, more organizations are covering egg-freezing costs for their employees. But new research suggests that some people may interpret egg-freezing benefits as a signal that the company expects them to sacrifice their personal life for work.

Tennis star Naomi Osaka is pregnant, the athlete announced Wednesday, and said she will return to the sport in 2024, after concern had spread for her well being because she had not played since September.

The newly Republican-controlled House will kicked off its session Wednesday with a series of votes that included two anti-abortion measures which, while certain to fail in the Senate, are part of a broader push by the GOP at the federal and state level to further restrict abortion in 2023 even after voters came out in support of the procedure during the midterms.

Speaking of the House of Representatives: the chaotic, 15-round Speaker election was all anyone could talk about last week. But lost in the shuffle were the kids of the members-elect who’d come to see their parents get sworn into office. “We are seeing in real time why Congress feels so inaccessible to parents with minor children,” said Liuba Grechen Shirley, founder and CEO of Vote Mama, a political action committee seeking to elect Democratic moms.

The Checklist

1. Ditch your pro/con list. Decision-making expert Annie Duke says that a pros and con list is a “bias amplifier” that can trick you into weighing different factors similarly even when they’re not. A toxic boss, for instance, should carry a lot more weight in a decision about changing jobs than whether or not your current job gives you access to on-site brew taps.

2. Be bold, be curious, and be you. This advice comes from Jenny Wood, the founder of Google’s Own Your Career program. Wood says there’s no such thing as being “too much” at work—and in fact, she says, being “a bit much leads to much more” in your career.

3. Hide the gap. Women are particularly impacted by resume gaps due to caregiving responsibilities, and the prevailing advice is to “explain the gap.” But a recent study suggests the opposite: Instead of listing the dates of your jobs, list the numbers of years worked in each position. This technique, the study found, increased applicants’ chances of securing an interview.

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