Council Post: Your Brand Is More Than A Logo: How To Understand And Capitalize On Its Potential


Ken is the founder of TheRiot Agency, a technology-first growth agency that evolves good businesses into great brands!

As the executive director of TheRiot Agency, I have seen firsthand the importance of a strong brand for businesses of all sizes and industries. But I’ve also seen many companies make the mistake of thinking that their brand is simply a logo, a color scheme or a tag line. In reality, a brand is much more than that, and it’s critical that businesses understand the full value and potential of their brand.

Your Brand Reflects Your Values And Purpose

At its core, your brand is a reflection of your values, your purpose and what I like to call your “brand promise.” It’s the promise you make to your customers about the experience they can expect when they engage with your business. When your brand is aligned with your values, purpose and brand promise, it can help you build trust, loyalty and a deep connection with your customers, making it easier to differentiate yourself from your competition. We call this the “brand-to-person connection,” and it’s incredibly important to get it right.

A key component in creating a brand-to-person connection is fostered by driving personalized communications based on where the person is in the purchasing process (awareness, interest, desire, action). It could be as simple as identifying a common problem that can be overcome by your solution, or providing some often overlooked detail that helps your client become more informed during the purchasing process, therefore creating value in the relationship, not just the sale.

Additionally, communicating desired outcomes such as animal welfare or sustainability can help align larger goals, strengthening the value of the relationship before and beyond the transactional component.

Your Brand Is Your Reputation

Your brand is also your reputation, and it’s essential that you protect it at all costs. Your brand is how people perceive your business, and that’s shaped by their experiences and interactions with your company, as well as what they see and hear about you in the media and online. Once you realize that you do not own your brand—that the market owns it through people’s experiences—you’ll likely start treating it a little differently. Building a strong reputation means being intentional about the experiences you provide to your customers and ensuring that your messaging and marketing accurately reflect your values and purpose.

Your Brand Is A Key Driver Of Business Success

A strong brand can be a key driver of business success, helping you attract and retain customers, increase brand awareness and drive revenue growth. A strong brand can also help you command a premium price for your products and services, as customers are often willing to pay more for the trust and confidence that a strong brand can provide.

Furthermore, a strong brand can help you to build a more engaged and motivated workforce, as employees are often proud to work for a company that is known for its values, purpose and positive reputation.

Building A Strong Brand Requires Investment And Focus

Building a strong brand takes time, effort and investment. This may involve hiring an agency, investing in market research and creating a comprehensive brand strategy that outlines your values, purpose and target audience. It may also require investing in marketing and advertising initiatives that will help you build brand awareness and reach new customers.

One critically important investment is the implementation of customer relationship management platforms and marketing automation tools to help you scale your brand’s interactions.

In conclusion, your brand is much more than a logo, so make sure you understand its full value and potential. Focus on your brand and make sure you don’t see it as an afterthought or a secondary priority. A strong brand is the foundation for all of your marketing and sales efforts, and you have to invest in it if you want to achieve your revenue and growth goals.

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