Confidence, Substance, And Style: How Lakeyah Stands Out In The Hip-Hop Industry


As Hip-Hop celebrates its 50th anniversary, such a milestone can’t be celebrated without acknowledging the newest class of tastemakers representing the genre. One rapper whose supreme skillset of fierce rhymes puts her at the forefront is none other than Lakeyah. Unsurprisingly, the Milwaukee native is a part of Quality-Control’s all-star musical lineup, given that she’s created smash hits like Mind Yo Business and Female Goat. While she’s attracted a great deal of support from fans or platforms like BET or XXL Mag, Lakeyah attributes it to the confidence she exudes in her music.

“I exude so much confidence in my records, even when I’m doing my R&B songs. I hear people tell me all the time that I helped them get through a breakup or lift their spirits,” Lakeyah told For(bes) The Culture. “I have this super great balance of swagger and sexy, and I feel like that’s what separates me. I also have a lot of substance in my music. People aren’t really listening to the lyrics nowadays, but they’re there.”

Outside of her music career, the rapper recently forayed into the world of reality television. Appearing on BET+’s The Impact: Atlanta, Lakeyah gave viewers a rare glimpse into her life outside of the music, which she feels is essential.

“It’s super important for artists, in general, to show our personality because people could care less about what music we’re dropping or what we’re doing if they don’t relate to the person. I really feel like it was super important for me to do that, and I’m glad that I took that opportunity because, as I said, I exude so much confidence, but I am very vulnerable, and I was able to showcase that I have hard days. I feel like I’m a super relatable person, and people don’t get to see that because I’m always working.”

From her expansive artistry to her glamorous fashion, it might be easy to look at the musician and assume that any obstacles in her way are nonexistent. However, the pressure to maintain such greatness is something that she knows all too well, given that she holds herself to such a high standard.

“I think I set a very high standard for myself, so if anyone puts a lot of pressure on me, it’s me. I’m also on a label with many household names, so there’s definitely a lot of pressure, but I think I put the most pressure on myself because I came out the gate releasing mixtapes and freestyles, and I don’t want the quality of my music to decrease. So it’s a lot of pressure, but I think I can handle it.”

As Lakeyah continues to advance in her musical brilliance, she hopes to continue dropping hit songs while branching off into the fashion world.

“I recently completed an experimental tour where I was able to reach out to my day one supporters in person. I’m hoping to get on a bigger tour this year. I’m known for manifesting stuff, so I’m saying it here now. Also, I’m releasing new music, of course. I really want to drop a single soon, but we know I will have a summer hit. I’m so good at making those. I’m always working, and I’m hoping that I can get into the fashion space. I really want people to have someone like me to look up to.”

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