Au Revoir, 2022: An Under 30 Year In Review


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And thus, we turn the page on another year. Here’s a recap of what happened in the Under 30-verse in 2022.

At the first ever Forbes 30/50 Summit, women from around the world (including Tyra Banks and Cathie Wood) convened in Abu Dhabi to share, forge new bonds, and to work together to make participants smarter about everything that it takes to lead. (We’ll be back again in March 2023, so be sure to register here).

The seventh annual Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list launched in the spring, illustrating the power young entrepreneurs and leaders have to transform business and society.

Entrepreneurs from around the world came together in Botswana for the first-ever Forbes Under 30 Summit Africa. And if you missed it this year, don’t worry: We’re going back in 2023! Sign up to be notified when registration opens here.

The Forbes Under 30 Summit EMEA event encompassed four unforgettable days of inspiration, VIP experiences across Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and workshops.

Top leaders, founders, entrepreneurs and creators who gathered in Detroit for the 2022 Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit shared how they’re disrupting industries not only through their inventions, but also through a human-centered reimagining of the concept of entrepreneurship itself. Next year, we take on Ohio. Sign up here for updates.

And then, as you know, we launched the 12th annual 30 Under 30 North America list last month.

Happy New Year, and no, I won’t say it.

Beaches And Billionaires: Inside DJ Kygo’s Quest To Become The Gen-Z Jimmy Buffett

Not content with just being a musical artist, the Norwegian DJ and 30 Under 30 alumnus Kygo has raised millions to build the Margaritaville of dance music—with a little help from the chief Parrot Head himself.

The soft-spoken Norwegian, whose birth name is Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll, earned an estimated $6 million in 2022. Kygo, who debuted on the 2017 Forbes Under 30 Europe list at age 25, is harnessing his world-wide fanbase, tropical techno sound and high-powered fans turned friends to grow his music juggernaut (his albums have 5 billion total streams, according to data tracker Luminate, with some 30 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone) into a global consumer brand—Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville for the Gen-Z crowd.

In 2020, with long-time manager Myles Shear, he launched Palm Tree Crew, a beach-themed brand that will launch destination festivals, clothing and restaurants. And they’ve taken a page from another Buffett—Warren—and raised $65 million from investors for a venture capital arm that invests in crypto and consumer product startups (Poppi soda and Daring Foods, a plant-based meat company) they think pair well with the Palm Tree Crew community.

On Our Radars: Year In Review

  • Elton John was the most in-demand touring act of 2022 in terms of ticket sales and Bad Bunny had the highest-grossing North American and global tours of this year. (Forbes)
  • Here are some of the best photos in science of 2022. (Nature)
  • And these were the top startups on the rise in 2022. (LinkedIn)
  • And for some fascinating information on the American population, its habits and preferences, check out these 15 findings. (Pew Research Center)
  • Still trying to get “About Damn Time” out of your head? Check out the 100 best songs of the year–you may see some familiar Under 30 faces on there. (NPR)

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