Sony is right to not announce any new TVs at CES 2023


Each year CES introduces us to a batch of weird and wonderful gadgets, but for every odd chewing dog robot there are the more normal announcements like new TVs from Sony, LG, and the like. This year, that’s not going to be the case for Sony at least, as the brand has said that it won’t be revealing any TVs at CES 2023.

That’s right. Instead of revealing the successor to last year’s Sony XR-A95K TV – the brand’s first-ever consumer-friendly QD-OLED display – Sony will instead be focusing on its upcoming PlayStation VR 2 headset as we expected and seemingly a car. At least based on the image used for its upcoming CES 2023 conference live stream (opens in new tab).

In a statement to The Verge (opens in new tab), a Sony spokesperson revealed that “Sony will not be sharing any TV details during CES 2023.” In a later statement to FlatPanelsHD (opens in new tab), Sony divulged that it would host a separate event for its TV announcements “later this Spring” (i.e. March, April, or May).

(Image credit: Sony)

This news is certainly a shocker – Sony making a TV announcement is basically the free square in CES bingo – but ditching TV announcements seems like the right idea this year.

Out with the old, in with the new

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