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Welcome to The Realm

Welcome to The Realm


Cisco has been the Official Enterprise Networking Partner of Riot Games since 2019, powering the organization’s global operations for the most popular PC game in the world, League of Legends, as well as its global championships. Over the past few years, this partnership has allowed Cisco to leverage the global power of Riot Games, increase brand and product awareness with a new audience, and reach the future generation of tech buyers and IT employees.

As the only sport in the world to inherently rely on technology to exist, this partnership offers an authentic use case to cement Cisco as an innovative solutions provider through the world’s leading esports organization. Throughout the past three years, Cisco and Riot Games have worked together to build and deploy The Realm – a dedicated Cisco game server that Riot Games uses exclusively for pro-level competitive matches at major global events. The Realm ensures equitable and fair play for all participants at the highest level of the sport by creating a near-zero-ping environment, meaning a player can send a command to the game and have its server respond nearly instantaneously.

And now, with the Worlds Final taking place on our home turf, we are excited to bring the power of The Realm to fans for the first time ever. As part of the Worlds Fan Fest held at the Chase Center on the days leading up to the event, Cisco will offer a first-of-its-kind fan activation that will unveil The Realm for everyday players and fans, allowing them to play on the exact PC specs of the pros and experience the ultra-fast, responsive gameplay made possible by the Cisco network.


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