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SolarWinds amps up observability software with AI

SolarWinds amps up observability software with AI


SolarWinds added AI-based enhancements to its observability solutions that will enable IT teams to more easily monitor complex, distributed on-premises and cloud environments from anywhere. The upgrades promise to provide visibility into gaps created when workloads are moved from on-premises to cloud environments, helping IT teams spot and prevent performance incidents.

SolarWinds Observability is a SaaS offering that the company says provides visibility across the cloud-native, on-prem, and hybrid technology stack to speed problem resolution and reduce the noise of multiple system alerts for IT professionals. It also can deliver a view across multi-cloud environments, alongside on-premises network and infrastructure assets.

“We are giving our users the ability to not only have cloud visibility but also that on-premises network and infrastructure visibility by connecting those together,” says Jeff Stewart, field CTO and vice president, global solutions engineering, observability at SolarWinds. “Giving our customers insight into that level of detail even across the telco networks has been pretty significant.”

As part of its Hybrid Cloud Observability (HCO) capabilities, SolarWinds supports Azure and AWS and is able to see into those environments, letting IT teams look at what is happening outside of their own networks. Whether IT professionals are being mandated to move workloads to the cloud or they are doing it naturally, SolarWinds will be able to give them a view into activity between on-prem and cloud environments. “We provide visibility into applications that are cloud-native but also the performance connected down to the end user themselves,” Stewart explains.

SolarWinds observability can provide visibility across on-premises and cloud network devices, virtual machines, hypervisors, containers, Kubernetes, and infrastructure-as-a-service resources.

“SolarWinds also recently upgraded their cloud-native Kubernetes and container support. This helps with the expansion to CloudOps and cloud-native-centric teams and buyers,” says Stephen Elliot, Group Vice President at IDC.


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