Driving Impact: The AI Capabilities That Deliver Value


Your network is the heartbeat of the user experience. When it goes down, employees and customers get frustrated, which can lead to reduced productivity, abandoned sales, and other unwelcome business results. And there’s further frustration if users must call or submit a support ticket to IT. This extra step slows resolution. How can an organization avoid this scenario?

The answer is experience-first networking, which includes a strong network infrastructure with visibility into how it’s performing. This approach provides the best possible experience for network operators who must keep the network heartbeat thrumming, as well as end users who keep the business moving.

There are two critical elements of experience-first networking. First is having a cloud-native, microservices-based architecture in which functions like authentication, location, and the guest network are disaggregated. This allows staff to quickly identify and patch the function causing the issue so the entire network service is not affected.

The second is a well-stocked data science toolbox that forms the foundation of an artificial intelligence (AI) driven network. It should include, for example, conversational AI, deep learning capabilities such as a neural network and transformer-based language models, and machine learning (ML) functionalities. 

Bringing it all together

The Juniper Mist AI™ solution combines a microservices cloud architecture with AI functionality to make networking predicable, reliable, and measurable with comprehensive visibility into the user experience.

Underpinning Mist AI is its cloud platform, which gives network teams a single point of control from which to manage routers, access points, switches, etc. Its microservices architecture makes it easy to quickly fix bugs, scale services, and add or remove features.

The Mist AI platform uses open APIs, making it fully programmable for automated, seamless integration across LANs, WANs, security solutions, and more.

In addition, the Mist AI cloud uses AI and data science to analyze network data and provide actionable insights, such as:

  • Rapid root-cause identification using ML to correlate events
  • The ability to determine the potential impact of negative trends using time-series anomaly detection
  • Fast results from complex queries using natural language processing

At the heart of Juniper’s AI-driven network experience is Marvis, a digital network assistant that has been threaded through the provider’s switching, routing, and security products. Marvis has collected data from global networks and the devices connected to them for over five years, continuously learning about network issues and gaining knowledge to make better decisions.

These features have been validated in an ACG Research study, which found that Mist AI reduces trouble tickets by 90%. In addition, the research showed that over five years, the Mist AI platform delivers operational expense savings of 85% and total cost of ownership savings of 28%.

Delivering a great user experience is about everything between the user and the cloud, said Rami Rahim, CEO of Juniper Networks.

“Humans simply cannot keep up with the task of manually managing rising complexity and the deluge of data traversing our networks,” he said. “This is why our commitment is delivering networks that are highly automated, self-running through intelligence and software, and increasingly through AI. This is why our true north is experience-first networking.”

Explore what Mist AI can do – watch a demo, take a tour of the platform in action, or listen to a webinar.


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