Cisco Live Melbourne: All in on security, sustainability, and simplicity


Blazing-fast Infrastructure that’s simple to scale, manage, and monitor  

West then introduced Michael Beasley, Cisco’s VP and CTO of networking. Beasley began by stressing the critical importance of mixing powerful networking technology with simplicity.  

“Our growth strategy begins with one simple vision,” Beasley said, “to transform infrastructure with simplicity. As we help to modernize your businesses, we see the network as the foundation for delivering unified experiences, but beyond fantastic user experiences, we also believe that the IT experience itself must be simple. Because if the IT experience suffers, ultimately the end user experience will also suffer.”

Complexity, he continued, has far-reaching impacts: “The underlying cause of most frustration for networking teams is indeed complexity. It creates errors, it creates outages, it adds cost to our operations, and causes us to waste time. It also can expose our infrastructures to security risks.” 

Cisco’s platform strategy is one key to solving the network complexity issue. By integrating many varied capabilities into a single-pane-of-glass solution, each platform can simplify a vast array of challenges.  

“We believe that the platform is foundational,” Beasley stressed, “and the future of simplified networking. The platform is easy to start using, it’s easy to scale, and most importantly, it’s easy to innovate both within the platform and on top of and around the platform with regard to its APIs.” 

Beasley cited a few examples of Cisco’s platform strategy at work — Meraki, Nexus Cloud, DNA Center, Intersight, and ThousandEyes — while highlighting their continued evolution.  

“By enhancing a platform strategy with the principles of cloud operation,” he said, “we believe that even greater outcomes can be achieved. For example, we have introduced cloud-driven automation for Catalyst and Nexus. We’ve added rich network insights to make networking more predictive with ThousandEyes WAN Insights, and we’re enabling lasting value and customized experiences via the API interfaces on top of our platforms.” 

All of which is moving the network from reactive to proactive to predictive capabilities.  

“ThousandEyes WAN Insights,” Beasley added, citing just one example, “will use AI and ML to forecast network conditions and to be able to predict performance before problems occur.” 

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