Home Internet technology At Cisco Partner Summit, a celebration of shared strength

At Cisco Partner Summit, a celebration of shared strength

At Cisco Partner Summit, a celebration of shared strength


asynchronous video, all in a single package that costs less than Netflix.”

All that, and it’s simplified and interoperable with other collaboration tools.  

“This entire suite,” he said, “works really well together in a single platform, with a single design language, but also integrates really well with third parties.” 

At an event celebrating partnerships it was fitting that Patel addressed the challenges and complexities of security across ecosystems that are spread across multiple public clouds. The Cisco Security Cloud was among many solutions highlighted by Patel.   

“We are building the Cisco Security Cloud,” he said. “It’s essentially a global, cloud-delivered service that will help anyone in an organization connect to any application that they might have, whether it be a SaaS application, a private application and data center or connect to the basic internet without having to worry about security.” 

But Cisco’s integrated, end-to-end platform strategy is what really differentiates it in security, Patel stressed.  

“Every single product will be best in class,” he said, “but the true power of Cisco is when you actually think cross architecture, when you think cross product and we pull it all together and it starts becoming a unified platform.” 

Where purpose, partners, and profitability meet 

In a Day 2 closing presentation, Fran Katsoudas, Cisco’s EVP and chief people, policy & purpose officer, brought home the big picture: what Cisco and its partners can accomplish together, for the world.  

Cisco’s purpose is, of course, powering an inclusive future for all. But Katsoudas, along with Cisco CFO Scott Herren, stressed the shared vision they feel with so many partners. 

“At Cisco,” Katsoudas explained, “we see our purpose, the power and inclusive future for all, for what it is one of the leading forces in protecting and connecting the planet. Our unique opportunity to bring communities together and create meaningful change for everyone everywhere, all while doing good business.” 

And there was no shortage of reasons for why inclusion, sustainability, and other ESG initiatives are good for business, everything from energy savings and efficiency to advantages in talent and with investors.  

Today’s customers, Herren added, “talk about not just the dollars they’re going to spend, but the kilowatts they will spend, because kilowatt budgets matter. And they’ve got their own commitments to net zero that, that they have to meet.” 

Whether innovating kilowatt savings or sowing inclusion, Tuszik concluded, changing the world is a team effort.  

“The age of the partner is by far the biggest opportunity ever,” he said. “It’s on us. It’s in front of us. We can do it. So very simple, let’s own it. Thanks for being a Cisco partner.”


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